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ASFPM's Letter to President About Need for Federal Flood Mapping Funding

 | Published on 7/2/2013
An Alert from ASFPM:
ASFPM sent a letter to the White House (via facsimile) on June 27th to express concern for the reduction in support for producing and updating flood data and mapping for the 22,000 flood prone communities in the nation.

ASFPM is so concerned about the cut in funding over the past few years (from $220 million in FY 2010 to $84 million in FY 14) that we performed an analysis to produce a report called "Flood Mapping for the Nation". It demonstrates that modern, accurate maps can be produced for all 22,000 floodprone communities if the $400 million/year authorized by the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 NFIP is appropriated for the next 10 years. If we continue to provide only the FY 14 funding of $84 million, we will actually lose ground, with more flood maps becoming outdated. Accurate mapping must be available for all communities, so they can guide development away from the highest flood risk areas, and ensure that development in moderate flood risk areas is properly elevated or otherwise protected. Accurate, up-to-date flood maps are the key to reducing taxpayer disaster relief and human suffering.

A copy of the letter that ASFPM sent (along with the White House fax number) can be downloaded here: