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Providing leadership in
floodplain management to
reduce risk and loss caused
by flood
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What is the difference between my CFM status and fees and the national/state memberships and dues?
The ASFPM (national) membership is due by Dec 31st each year. In 2016 the individual membership dues for CFM’s are $140. Their website is and you log in with your membership ID and password.
Your CFM certification is tracked and authorized via ASFPM. This is also on-line at the same web-site and requires 16 CEC’s every two years. The website allows you to upload your education information and automatically tracks it for you. At the end of the two year cycle you fill out a renewal, proof of your CEC’s along with payment, then you are issued a new certificate.
The State chapter of ASFPM is the Florida Floodplain Managers Association. Our web-site allows you to automatically renew your individual membership on-line and costs $60 a year. It is also time certain….in other words if you sign up Feb 1st you are good until next Feb 1st .


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