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Our Mission
"Providing leadership in floodplain management to

reduce risk and loss caused by flood"

HomeBoard of Directors

 Board of Directors





Chris Zambito, CFM, GISP


Del Schwalls, PE, CFM


Carrie Aurit, CFM, GISP


Jonathan Bilby, MCP, CFM

Past Chairman

James Linkogle, CFM

Past Chairman

Desiree Companion, CFM

Associate Director, Education

Sally Cook, CFM

Associate Director, Membership

Nancy Witty, CFM

Associate Director, Legislative

Claire Jubb, AICP, CFM

DHS/FEMA Representative (Ex Officio)

Jason Hunter, CFM

FDEM Representative (Ex Officio)

Miles Anderson

Executive Director

Cece McKiernan, CFM, LEED AP

Region 1 Director

Noah Taylor, CFM 

Region 1 Director

Sandy Tudor, CFM 

Region 2 Director

Nicholas DiGruttolo, PSM

Region 2 Director

Lalit Lalwani, PE, CPM, CFM

Region 3 Director

Jennifer Aldridge, EI, CFM 

Region 3 Director

Karen Thornhill, CFM 

Region 4 Director

Richard Benton, CFM 

Region 4 Director

Mark Hagerty, CFM, LEED AP 

Region 5 Director

Donald Beaton, Jr., CFM 

Region 5 Director

Carlos Castro, EI, CFM

 Director-at-Large Lisa Foster, CFM
Director-at-Large  Josh Overmyer, CFM